The Time-Tastic Odyssey – A Short Story – Travel To A New World

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In the mystical realm of Eloria, where enchanted forests flourished and magical creatures roamed freely, a young girl named Elara stumbled upon a hidden treasure that would change her life forever. It was an ancient book bound in shimmering emerald leather, radiating an aura of untold power. As she traced her fingers along the intricate markings on the cover, a soft glow engulfed her, and the world around her seemed to blur.

The fabled Tome of Tempora in Elara’s feeble hands is a book with the power to manipulate Time. She was now the chosen bearer of this extraordinary artifact, destined to weave the threads of Time and shape the course of her destiny. Her ancestors once held this treasure as the most valuable. Still, due to some people who misused it, the power disappeared. Now, the Gods had chosen Elara to return the Tome of Tempora to its rightful place.

Elara opened the Tome with curiosity and trepidation, revealing pages adorned with mysterious symbols and shifting colors. As she delved deeper into its contents, she discovered that the book contained stories, each representing a unique moment in Time. But this was no ordinary book; it was a living repository of history, allowing her to enter these real tales and interact with the characters.

Eager to test its capabilities, Elara placed her finger on a specific page and watched in amazement as the words came to life. In an instant, she was teleported to a new world, vastly different from Eloria. Here, she encountered creatures that looked weird and wild, shorter than her, and adorned in strange attires. She recognized these creatures decorated the carpet designs during festivals in Eloria.  But something was amiss; the faces around her seemed sad and burdened, running to and fro as if searching for something they had lost.

Elara excitedly says, “Oh, I can’t believe what I just found! This book is incredible!”

To her surprise, she gets a reply out of thin air. “Incredible? That’s an understatement! It’s a tome of time-tastic fun!”

Elara looked all around, startled. Is that any new technology on Earth, she wondered. “Who are you? How did you appear out of nowhere?” she asked the space from where the voice came.

“Oh, don’t worry, Elara. My name is Whizbang, the guardian of Space, Extraordinaire! I’ve been waiting for a time traveler like you for ages. Let’s spice up this adventure, shall we?”

Surprised, Elara queried in awe, “A time-goblin? Well, I guess having a companion on this journey won’t hurt. But remember, no meddling with Time!”

Whizbang mischievously replies, “Who, me? I’m a time expert! I know all the rules. And when to break them. By the way, you have the power Elara to walk to the future and know who I am! You never have to worry about Time. How great?! I am happy to be your assistant.”

Elara looked back, shocked. “But when did I say you are my assistant?”

“You have the multiverse’s powerful weapon. Controller of Time can do anything to change the course of history. How can I not be your assistant? So, I self-proclaimed, dear master.” Chirped Whizbang.

Elara smiled at the prompt reply and asked, “Why don’t you take up space and give yourself a shape Whizbang? I am afraid I will miss you one day.”

Whizbang laughs and replies, “If you rule Time, I am the void. In me, you all take forms and disappear in me.”

Elara, “Okay, Whizzie, we can keep the space vs. time debate for another day. You should also remember that I can also stay invisible.”

Now let us see where we are and plan our activities further. 

“Okay, my Lord” Whizbang treated Elora as a masculine entity and saw her with the utmost respect. The multiverse wondered if they were siblings.

Elara soon realized that she had stumbled upon a distant planet called Earth. It was a bustling marketplace, and her heart ached for the residents who appeared to be in turmoil. 

Elara saw a peculiar creature in the marketplace. She asked her new assistant, “Look, Whizbang! What’s that creature wearing? It looks like a feathered hat with glowing shoes!”

Whizbang giggled at the sight of a woman with a weird hairpiece. “Ah, that’s the Zangabulous Zegelblatt! They wear the silliest outfits for good luck, but don’t ask them why – it’s a long story!”

Everything looked new to Elara. She felt Eloria was a calm place; everyone there lived in the moment and had no worries. But she thought he had a strong connection with Earth.

Curiosity mixed with concern, she embarked on a journey through different eras of Earth’s history, witnessing humankind’s triumphs and tribulations. Inbetween, they visited other realms too. Once, they explored a peculiar age where everyone on Earth spoke in riddles. Whizbang met a stranger there and ended up in a hilarious exchange with a riddle-loving old dragon-like human.

Gorak had enormous knowledge and was able to recognize the invisible Whizbang. He asked Whizbang, “What has a heart that doesn’t beat, and yet it still feels love’s heat?”

Whizbang acted like he was thinking and replied, “Hmm, that’s a tough one… Uh, a dragon with a cold heart?”

Dragon chuckled and gave a thumbs-up to Whizbang. “Ha! Close, but no roasted marshmallows! The answer is ‘an artichoke’!”

Elara laughed at the conversation and said, “You almost had it, Whizbang!”

Whizbang grinned. “Next time, master, I’ll get it right! Maybe…”

Elara didn’t understand the entire conversation. All she knew was Time, and she kept traveling back and forth, trying to mend dents in history. Life was sometimes fun even though they spent eons learning the history of the multiverse.

One day, while visiting an era where dark forces threatened to plunge the Earth into chaos, Elara made a grave mistake. Intrigued by the allure of untold power, she attempted to alter a pivotal event that shaped history. She saved some beings on Earth, but she made a big blunder. Little did she know that meddling with the past could have dire repercussions on the present and future. She learned that she had sped up the destruction of the Milky Way galaxy. The Earth and its people she often visited will all be gone.

The world around her trembled as the fabric of Time began to unravel. As expected, the consequences of her actions rippled through the ages, creating a chaotic vortex that threatened to engulf the entire Milky Way in darkness. Desperate to mend the timeline, she sought the counsel of the wise old sage, Seraphina, whose knowledge of temporal magic surpassed all.

Seraphina revealed the truth behind the Tome of Tempora, cautioning Elara about its immense power and the necessity of using it wisely. She explained that while it was a gift to explore history, meddling with Time could lead to dire consequences. 

“Elara, dear, I understand you are still in your teens. I’ll tell you today. You can see the past and future. But if you try to alter it forcefully, you will cause chaos.” Seraphina calmly educated the innocent and naughty Elara.

Tears rolled down Elara’s eyes. She has escaped Whizbang’s clutches and came here to find Seraphina so she could at least correct her mistakes by even giving up her life. But when Seraphina said, you cannot do anything, Elara broke down. Her pale and petite figure looked feebler.

Realizing the weight of her actions, Elara accepted her responsibility and solemnly vowed to never again tamper with the timeline. After that, she used the Tome to preserve the world’s stories and learn from its history.

She grew up into a wise young lady. With more wisdom and a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of Time, Elara became a guardian of the Tome of Tempora. She safeguarded its secrets and traveled through its pages, not as a mere spectator but as a caretaker of the beauty and complexity of life.

In the years that followed, Elara embraced her role as a time traveler, chronicling the tales of Eloria from the ancient past to the far future. Through her experiences, she grew into a wise, compassionate young woman, bridging gaps between generations and inspiring others to embrace their unique destinies.

And so, in the realm of Eloria, the legend of the girl who found the enchanted book of Time lived on—a timeless tale of wonder, wisdom, and marvel. But in Elara’s heart, there was a guilt that grew taller whenever someone praised her for her wonderful qualities. How could she rectify the terrible mistakes of her past? Even the ruler of Time was a loser before the mighty Time. She didn’t want to worry Whizzie saying her worries.

That evening when Elara talked to her assistant, she solemnly said, “Whizbang, we must be careful. Our actions have far-reaching consequences.”

Whizbang did not know about what had happened to his master. Yet he could feel the heaviness in her words. Maybe she found the pranks I tried on humans. So he accepted his mistakes and said to Elara, “You’re right, Elara. I promise, no more time pranks. But let’s still have some time-tastic fun!”

Elara’s face had a smile again. Without Whizbang and his cooperation, Elara would have been an unpredictable lady. He keeps changing forms and knows how to appease and accompany her on the long journey.

As days turned into weeks, Elara’s travels through Time deepened her understanding of the worlds she visited. She witnessed moments of great progress when Earth’s inhabitants settled on the moon and Mars and even explored distant planets. The wonders of space travel and the quest for knowledge brought happiness to many. However, her heart weighed heavy with a truth she dared not share—the impending doom of the universe.

Her journeys revealed a cataclysmic event looming on the horizon despite the advancements and achievements. This universal explosion would obliterate all life. She saw a new universe sprouting from the chaos, but the lives present now would not survive. Elara’s heart ached for the people she had come to know in her travels, especially Aegon Stormrider, the valiant king of the ant kingdom on Earth. They were creatures with greatness overflowing in every cell, but she knew their future was pitch dark because of her.

When Whizbang saw Elara talking to Aegon from the first day, he detested the meeting wholeheartedly. Whizbang has a hatred towards Aegon and wishes to destroy him and his kingdom forever. 

“Why is Elara so soft-hearted towards Aegon? It can be dangerous in the future.” Whizbang wondered how he could break the newfound bond between the two. But he could never understand the boiling mind of Elara and why she kept visiting the domicile of Aegon.

Desperate to rectify the paradox and save Aegon and his kingdom, Elara sought the counsel of the wise old sage, Seraphina. Seraphina revealed that the essence of the Tome of Tempora connects to the balance of Time and space. Tampering with the past created irreversible consequences, and the impending universal blast is a result of Elara’s previous mistake.

Seraphina explained that Elara must accept the consequences of her actions and seek a different path to preserve the fabric of Time. Elara knew that she could not change the future, but she could help Aegon and his kingdom find solace and happiness in the realm of Eloria.

Returning to Aegon, Elara confessed the truth about the impending doom and her role in it. Aegon, though devastated, understood that he must accept the fate that awaited him and his kingdom. Elara insisted Aegon come with her to Eloria.

But Aegon had different thoughts. He said, “Elara, everyone has a destined fate. You too. We have to accept it. Even if you haven’t changed the course of history, we all will face our destiny somehow. Let’s accept the fate and watch it unravel. Whenever you feel like meeting me, you can come to this part of Time and have a good cup of sweetened milk with me. You are the ruler. Please never break the rules. I will be happy to see you create wonders in the multiverse.”

Tears rolled again on the rosy cheeks of Elara. Whizbang just heard the entire conversation. He wondered what he could do to solve the problem. He jumped in.

“Sorry, guys. I had to interrupt your sad love saga. I think I can help you. I am the guardian of space. I fill the multiverse. I am the one who gives forms to the varied creatures you see here. When the forms disappear here, I will make sure they will all resurrect in me again, in the same time frame with the same memories and surroundings, but in a different universe. Is that okay, my dear master? No living beings will die. You will have a replica of the planet, I promise. You can trust my powers, Aegon and Elara.”

Elara was glad to see Whizzie. She asked Aegon to accept the offer. Moved by Elara’s honesty in confessing her mistakes, Aegon agreed to move to the new planet, where they would find new purpose and harmony. Only Aegon knew the entire Milky Way had crossed space and Time to get a renewed life. All other beings still believed they lived in the same world their ancestors once lived.

In the enchanting realm created by Whizbang, Aegon’s kingdom found a new home, flourishing alongside mystical creatures, and everyone lived in harmony with nature. Even Time cannot erase past mistakes, but lessons learned guide everyone to a brighter future.

As the last threads of Time unraveled, Elara embraced her role as the guardian of the Tome of Tempora with more sincerity and wisdom. She safeguarded its secrets and used its power responsibly. She cherished the gift of multiverse without altering its delicate balance.

Furthermore, Elara continued her travels to meet Aegon and other enchanted realms in the following years. After Aegon passed away, she started living in the present. She never opened the book bound in shimmering emerald leather again.

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