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ICEBERGs OF LIFE Poem By Shalini Samuel

In the earth that is wild and uncertain, they roam,

The icebergs of life, silent and alone, waiting for you.

Above the surface, they sparkle and glow like diamonds,

But beneath the depths, they hide God’s dream for us.

How do we venture into the chill of a hardened soul?

The trials and tribulations may lead you there,

Or perhaps you’ll wander unscathed by their icy grasp,

Or outsmart the giants with your wit.

Some may shatter the barriers and unearth hidden treasures,

Some yearn for great achievements, only to be frozen in indecision.

In fear, some merely waste their time, hoping for wishes granted.

Where are you in this dance with the icebergs of life?

Majestic and grand they stand, their frozen grace a magnetic allure,

Born from a pot of necessity, their essence enduring,

Each one bearing a unique and untold tale, big or small

Waiting for the thaw of understanding to reveal their secrets.

Like life’s challenges, they may appear inconsequential at first,

Yet concealed perils lie in wait, shaping us over time.

With fortitude and courage, we navigate the ship of existence,

For within these icebergs lie the lessons that chart our destiny.

Some may fracture, while others yield and adapt,

In the end, we all must transcend our limitations.

For these icy sentinels beckon us to change and grow,

In the ever-shifting sea of life, we find our constant evolution.

Let us meet each iceberg with grace,

Embracing the challenges that define our path.

From the moment of cold adversity, we discover our resilience,

Guided by hope and the inner light that guides us forward.

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