Shalini Samuel’s journey began in the picturesque town of Kanyakumari, where she spent her formative years. Her creative pursuits took a backseat as she pursued her Post Graduation in Engineering. The realm of poetry had already beckoned her during school days, where she had penned verses for poetry competitions. Yet, the demands of college life overshadowed this latent talent. 

However, the flame of creativity reignited when Shalini stepped into the world of blogging. Through her blog, she rediscovered her passion for poetry and began sharing her compositions with an eager online audience. Initially, her readership consisted mainly of close friends and family, but her words resonated with a wider audience over time.

A pivotal moment arrived when Mr.Ramesh Anand, renowned as the “little Haiku master of India,” stumbled upon her blog. Recognizing Shalini’s remarkable output, he left an encouraging comment suggesting that she venture into the realm of online magazines and anthologies. Among his recommendations was MuseIndia, a platform she promptly embraced. Her submission found favour with the then editor, Mr.Kumarendra Mallick, who welcomed her poem after minor revisions.

Emboldened by this accomplishment, Shalini set her sights on achieving even greater recognition. Her poems found a home in esteemed publications such as Inklinks, which featured contributions from luminaries like the late President APJ Abdul Kalam. The Taj Mahal Review, a magazine with a diverse readership, also showcased her work.

Print and online platforms alike began to celebrate her verses, with her poem attaining the prestigious title of “Poem of the Month” by Writers Globe. A peculiar twist of fate saw her first winning certificate go undelivered due to her concern about revealing her true identity. Shalini’s talent further shone as she secured second place in the Valentine Poetry Contest by the Writer’s Empire, significantly amplifying her reach.

Shalini’s impact stretched beyond borders, as she emerged as the sole Indian among the top 20 winners in the Miracle Ezine contest. A near miss in the international poetry contest hosted by Poem Hunter only fueled her determination. Engaging with poets from around the globe enriched her craft, leading to accolades like “Poet of the Month” and “Highly Commendable Poet” from Destiny Poets, UK. She consistently triumphed in mini-contests organized by various social media poetry groups.

Shalini’s literary footprint spanned across an impressive list of magazines and journals, including:

– The Taj Mahal Review

– Harvests of New Millennium

– Setu bilingual (USA)

– Inflight Lit Magazine

– Episteme (Managed by Bharat College of Arts and Commerce)

– The Literary Herald

– Different Truths

– Atunis Poetry

– Glomag

– The Literary Jewels

– Kritya

– Inklinks

– Duane’s Poe Tree

Her poetic voice even graced the esteemed newspaper “The Hans India” of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Across the oceans, her works were embraced by the Kitaotao National High School in the Philippines, where three of her books found a place in the curriculum until Ms.Lucelyn Cuevas was the instructor.

Adding laurels to her portfolio, Shalini contributed to the book “Contemporary Women Poets of India,” a testament to her growing stature in the poetic landscape. Her three poetry collections emerged as online best-sellers, resonating with readers and critics alike. Among her achievements, a short story claimed the Bharat Award, further diversifying her creative spectrum.

Participation in the eighth international poetry meet by poesisonline and nominations like “Poem of the Year 2017” by Salis Online Magazine attested to her enduring impact. Beyond her literary feats, Shalini remained grounded, continuing her role as a freelance editor and content writer in her hometown.

Shalini Samuel’s narrative unfolded as that of an emerging poet, nurtured by dedication and rewarded with recognition. Her verses, once confined to the corners of notebooks, now resonated across continents, enriching literary conversations and inspiring others to follow the call of creativity.

She currently works as a senior content writer at KAI Marketing

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