Happy Rain Poem By A Rain Lover!

Happy rain Poems Hope

The monsoon is about to start, and rain has already knocked on our door. You cannot experience it all through the year. Monsoons give us respite from the hot summer, which has been too cruel this year. I feel that rain connects to happiness; every time it visits me, it gives me immense joy and peace. It’s like seeing your loved ones after years of separation.
Here is a poem about a day when I thought it would rain, but it didn’t and then later it rained. Sometimes life is so you feel you will reach your dream, but some slip pulls you down. And when you have lost all hope, you realize your dream unexpectedly. How will that be?
The fall could have been fatal or blocked the way to your dream, but instead, if the universe leads you back there, man, that’s a great thing!

Hope and Heartache

By noon, darkness engulfs my bright window
The curtain dances, sighting the cool breeze
My comrade is there! The signs are clear.

Like Voldemort giving headaches to Harry
Rain visits when Happiness arrives in my world
Harbinger of success and joy, I adore you!

Alas, in seconds, hope shatters like foam.
The window shines bright! Is it teasing me?
Who sang, rain, rain, go away? I wondered

Lost, I sit by the window with a frown
But wait, there is lightning! There is still hope
I smile a bit, seeing the gray clouds coming back

The window grew dark, hiding shadows under its wings
Petrichor fills my spirit, while thunder scares the devil in me.
Believe and wait. Every road would see the light one day!

written by

Shalini Samuel


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