Poetry Related To Rain! Quench Your Parched Heart, Quick!

Poetry Related To Rain

When someone or some situation keeps hurting us, and we are not in a position to oppose it, the anger will someday blast the world. If similarly a group of people is involved, it becomes collective anger. The more people are controlled by some power, the more they will rebel. And when they rebel, it’s uncontrollable. They cannot return to their older state until the problem is solved. But once their fierce and hurt soul solves it, it goes to a calm state. It’s more like a cyclone or a tornado. If it’s nature’s fury, this is human fury! I thought of writing this wonderful phenomenon in verse. Here it goes a poetry related to rain and emotional outburst:

Why The Sudden Downpour? – Short Poetry Related To Rain!

Sudden downpour
From a heart that’s kind
It shakes mountains
Breaks the sky apart
Opens ocean depths
Boundless, it flows.
Relieved, it calms.

And again wonders
Why the fury?
It thinks and thinks.
Until calm engulfs
What triggered?
Was it the pain?
Or unexpressed anger?

I wish there were a weather forecast.
Changing moods is an irony!
It is rainy, summer, or a combination
I wish forever it was spring
But the world litters around my mind
Pushing me to wash off clean

written by

Shalini Samuel

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