The Weight of Forgiveness! A Poem on Life’s Dilemmas By Shalini Samuel

Life Poems Shalini Samuel

What’s life? A Poem By Shalini Samuel

Yesterday, when the wind blew

I cried aloud

Let all the secrets out

So none could hear

A crooked escaped

For I had a good heart

Not to hurt anyone

Not to blame people

But why?

Why is the clever culprit unpunished?

And the kind victim traumatized.

.Isn’t that cruel?

But I felt I was a follower of Christ

Forgiving people was part of life

Even if it will hurt us

And unless it doesn’t hurt others

And then suddenly, I wondered.

Isn’t every religion teaching love?

But why is the world full of pain

Crime, hatred, lies, cheating?

Was it because everyone forgives?

Or is it because everyone is cruel?

Which is the right way to live?

Sacrifices, patience, love, or pure revenge

With no answer, the clock keeps ticking

Everyone chooses their own life

Calling it the best way to heaven

Is it a bridge from birth to death?

We are making it here! Is that life’s purpose?

Confused, I go back to the Turkish drama

Oh bad, it made me think for a minute!

But again, I go back to the drowsy, mindless state!

Written by

Shalini Samuel

I was inspired to write this poem on life while watching the Turkish series Dreams and Realities. During the middle of the series, my mind was so disturbed by the turn of events. My observations about life triggered by the drama plot pushed me to write these lines. I hope you people will love it 🙂


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