Mama’s Magic: The Unseen Architect of My Life

indian kitchen poem

Spice-Infused Haven: Echoes of Wisdom In An Indian Kitchen

I never saw my grandma’s kitchen
Afraid of me, they went to heaven
But my mom’s kitchen is a wonder
And I see grandma live in her.

From shelf to shelf, things wander.
Nothing remains the same.
Yet she remembers every container.
It’s more of a puzzle, a dynamic orb.

A school-going version of me  sits there
The study corner while the rice boiled
An eye on me and another on the pot
Her lessons begin to enter my brain.

As I read from my notebook,
She corrects my mistakes.
By the time the curry is ready,
My mom neatly folds all clothes.

The kitchen teachings still continue
When I started cooking, I observed more
She never follows the same recipe
Every day there’s an upgraded version.

I get tired following her improvisations.
The kitchen layout keeps changing.
Change is inevitable, and she loves it.
But her spice box life never changed.

The kitchen is her office, where she reads books
Watches YouTube channels and spins like earth
How is she so quick at multitasking?
She thinks out of the box sitting inside a box.

Many great qualities with a great heart
Precise memory, vast knowledge
Every conversation with her was a delight
A wise woman in an Indian kitchen.

Guiding Lights: My Journey of Wisdom and Inspiration

Throughout life’s journey, we all encounter individuals who propel us to new heights. In my case, a constellation of people has played pivotal roles as pillars of support, wellsprings of inspiration, and beacons of guidance, each illuminating distinct chapters of my story. My grandfather’s friends and siblings stood as towering exemplars in my youth. Through their narratives, I gleaned insights into a bygone era I could only imagine, enriching my perspective on history.

Teachers, friends, the pages of books, and the tapestry of life itself have woven an intricate tapestry of influence upon me. Yet, it is my mother who has traversed this journey alongside me, a steadfast presence guiding me through life’s labyrinth. Unlike many, she refrained from molding me to the mold of societal norms or her personal aspirations. Instead, she nurtured an environment for me to unearth my own authentic path.

As I bloomed, she fostered the growth of my horizons, presenting a plethora of opportunities before me. From there, she allowed me to curate a bouquet of experiences that resonated with my soul’s yearnings. Her method of imparting wisdom is one that I hold in high esteem; she doesn’t dictate but rather elucidates the intricate science behind a subject, empowering me to grasp its essence and forge my understanding. Her lessons never confined me within walls of imitation but emboldened me to forge an unparalleled path, understanding that every individual soul is a unique constellation of capabilities.


Though words may falter, let this be a tribute to my cherished mother, the beacon who championed my quest for authenticity. Gratitude also extends to my father, an equal partner who lent his wisdom, nurturing the fertile ground upon which my fulfilled life has blossomed. In their tandem, I found not just guidance but a symphony of love that propelled me toward a life blessed with purpose and contentment on this terrestrial voyage.

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