Sarah’s face lit up with a gentle smile as the sun dipped below the horizon, gradually succumbing to the veil of the night. She softly whispered, almost as if sharing a secret with the fading daylight, “If only sunsets could be captured in liquid form, I would bottle them up in delicate glass jars.” With a fond farewell, she bid her surroundings, “Goodnight, buddy.”

Throughout the ages, life has been a perpetual cycle of change, yet one constant that humanity has grown accustomed to is the timeless beauty of sunrises and sunsets. At least for now, it’s a constant. They serve as beacons of hope, assuring us that a new dawn will always follow even the darkest of nights. Sarah found solace in this eternal rhythm. She made it a habit to witness the enchanting play of colors across the curvaceous canvas of the sky.

Returning to her humble abode nestled behind a renowned tourist spot, Sarah noticed a statue standing nearby. Its mischievous smile captivated her attention. The plaque beneath the bust revealed that it commemorated a freedom fighter. Contemplating the world’s multitude of exceptional individuals, Sarah wondered aloud, “What if we honored every person with a statue? Even the sculptor has done a remarkable job.” Her peers’ argument that the sculptor’s work had already touched many lives failed to satisfy Sarah; she found it meaningless and a wasteful use of land.

As the weekend drew to a close, men and women sought tranquility and relaxation. Sarah’s companions headed back to their homes while she settled on the bench in front of her thatched dwelling. The sea breeze danced playfully with her hair, reminiscent of an affectionate teenage lover, as her gaze remained fixed on the distant crowd. She cherished that her dwelling offered a view that effortlessly induced relaxation, saving her time and money.

Sarah was fascinated by the peculiar cravings that consumed humanity. Survival instincts drove every living creature on Earth to seek sustenance, procreation, and protection. However, she couldn’t help but notice the excessive hoarding tendencies exhibited by some individuals. Driven by fear and uncertainty, they accumulated possessions and labeled it as wise planning. While she acknowledged the need to save for the future, she found it disheartening when greed overshadowed inner peace. She felt it transformed people into voracious animals desperate to assert their power.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Sarah observed sages and spiritual seekers who had renounced worldly luxuries. She found herself pondering the path to follow. Some advocated for a middle way, alternating between indulgence and asceticism. Frustrated by the overwhelming confusion she encountered on the internet, Sarah lamented how such uncertainty spilled over into the real world.

By then, her friend Mickey came by and offered her a biscuit, and as Sarah savored the delightful taste, she couldn’t help but wonder, “That’s lovely. Where did you get it, Mickey?” To which Mickey promptly replied, “I bought it from the corner store.” Sarah recalled recently hearing about food processing companies employing research teams equipped with advanced brain readers to study consumers’ neural reactions while consuming their products. The exploration of a person’s response to the fortieth bite yielded valuable data for further processing.

Sarah pondered the implications, noting the growing influence of data science and its inseparable connection to its counterpart, artificial intelligence. She mused with a hint of concern, “I wonder what new ailments we may encounter with such advancements.” Unbeknownst to her, Sarah had yet to realize the potential she possessed in the realm of data science, the power she could wield if only she unlocked its secrets.

At that moment, Sarah’s inquisitive mind directed her attention to those who embraced ancestral food practices. Curiosity piqued, she marveled at their remarkable accuracy in discerning the eating habits of their forebears. Perhaps it was a matter of educated guesswork, she speculated. She also contemplated a group of individuals who favored raw food consumption, wondering if their choice stemmed from a desire to conserve energy or a manifestation of laziness. Personally, she held no preference between raw and cooked food, content with her simple desire for milk and sweets. Lost in her musings, Sarah’s eyes gradually succumbed to slumber, promising to share her wisdom upon awakening.

Sarah’s Sarcasm will continue.

About Sarahs Sarcasm: Shalini Samuel loves reading and observing the world around her. She felt it would be nice to write snippets of what she learns in a sarcastic way. The series is not to hurt anyone but just to give readers alternative views of the world’s happenings. It also helps you to learn new information from different fields. Follow poetry by Shalini Samuel to keep reading Sarah’s Sarcasm!



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