Poem On Anxious Dogs When They Hear Crackers Blasting Ears

My Dog’s Agony

The festival lights the stars of a lazy evening sky
God wakes up to an unplanned alarm- food comes next
People invoked the Almighty with a loud calling bell
The long pending wishes made them doubt His ears – it seems
Sprinkling the fire flowers to garnish the dark sky
Men spend loads of valuable money on killing evil.
Everyone claps in joy; the bright days have dawned
but my dog shivers in anxiety as though he is the evil
He hides his face in me with the hope of a safer haven
I my anger in a poem blended with sweet words.
Hours later, a cracker biscuit soothes his fearful mind – but
The scars of the crackers will open again next year.
Shalini Samuel
Shalini Samuel


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