Muse – Published In The Hans India, The Painted Life

From the deeper depths
Soulful music springs,
Filling the entire universe.
The rhythmic hum reverberates,
The conch steals a pinch of it.
Yet the hum pervades universe
From where it comes,
No one knows.
I ask the butterfly,
Have you seen the musician?
Or at least the instrument
From where it comes?
Oh my lovely waves,
You come to me running;
Seeing me, you go back
I could sense your fear
As though, I would steal your hum.
Oh my synchronized breath,
Where do you get this rhythm?
My dear sailors coming from afar,
Where does this sweet hum originate?
I hear it while I travel in my white horse
Piercing the wind with my sword.
I drench myself in this unending music.
Oh my little friends, thy vibrant flowers
Adorning my path, won’t you tell me
The secret behind this synchronized hum?
Is it the language nature speaks?
If so where is she hiding,
And where is her flute?
I am mesmerized by her voice,
And if you meet her one day
Say to her there is a man
Who dies to fall in her arms!
Shalini Samuel
Note: First published in The Hans India daily newspaper and then in The Painted Life


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