The distant waves beyond the crowded shore 
It welcomed me with warm arms and a broad smile 
How sweet is the hospitality? I fell in seconds. 
I ran to the waves of fate that had deadly weapons 
Wave after wave came to overwhelm me 
My gut instincts said something was wrong. 
I convinced myself ‘I have wings; I can fly.’
People at the shore screamed louder. 
Come back, oh dear, you still have time.
My pride and confidence pushed me to venture 
I kept walking into the vast waters of the universe. 
Suddenly someone pulled my legs . 
I lost my balance, and before I could recover
Another one dug a pit under my legs. 
I could not flap my wings or fly. 
But succumbing to fake hospitality
I met a setback in the game of survival.
But there is still hope for I know swimming.



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