All the things you and I possess or the work we do have some interesting stories associated with them. It adds value to a lifeless object. Anything with a beautiful tale looks more beautiful. It’s enthralling to visit the past and our ancestors’ lives to find incidents that can connect with our life today. When I see a historical place, I want to collect all the stories behind that magnificent place. Worship places are where we get a lot of ideas about the culture and the people of that place. The world is full of stories that we can read every day. And it attracts my mind more. I have been a good story collector, and I often connect the different stories to find how things are related. God or the universe, or nature has been working for millions of years to make the minute we live now. But we only witness the present. We fail to trace the trail and value it. Most of the time, we don’t have the data to track it too. Here I share with you some of the observations I made and how my mind connects some of the distant dots:

  • Family History: If you want to learn the world’s history or your nation’s history, just wait. Before pushing your head into the big books, try to collect your family history. Have a family tree and try to find your fifth or fifteenth cousin. You will find life enjoyable. You share their genes and will have common features or characters even after many years. But you will also notice the differences between the two families too. We also get an idea of how society keeps changing, how human beings evolve, and also a look into how the future will be. When you learn these things, you will also understand your life is just a tiny connector of a long chain that originates from infinity.
  • Neighborhood: I live in a village, and people know almost the story of all people in their area. There can be a lot of lies and misconceptions and truth too. If your ancestors have lived in the same place for long elders will have a lot of information about how the area evolved. If you are new to a place, you can collect information from the people there. The old stories still impact the new generation that resides in the same place. Sometimes the gene that has done worst in the past evolves and turns good. Whereas the families that had been generous or orthodox in the past have evolved in the modern world to a new being. As generations move on, we grow and change; as people living in the same area, we grow and change- the ripple goes on until the world sees a magnificent transformation. So are the changes in the neighboring planets having a ripple effect on our lives too?
  • Nature: Learning how nature evolves and how the tectonic plates create nations and destroy continents is fascinating. The topography never remains the same. Man and the animal kingdom have played an enormous role in shaping the topography. They knowingly or unknowingly have an impact on the weather changes. Men exploit natural resources for their needs, and he makes profound changes so they can survive on earth. While ancient men hunted for food, the men of now are farming, and I am not sure what the future man will do. So he changed forests into farmlands and is now making a concrete jungle. Nature is full of life, knows more than man, and has ways of thriving and developing. I wonder if nature is controlling men or vice versa. The stories of lakes, continents, trees, and their secrets are worth listening to.

If I have to say more, I can go on. Try to explore how far you can go and hear more stories. The universe has immense wonders, and we should treasure and enjoy them. It makes life interesting, and we better understand how everything around us works for a future we don’t know about. Keep moving on with curiosity. By the way, I say it is stories because it can be true or false. It’s our collective perception at the moment. Our ideas and understanding can change anytime in the future like the flat earth turning into a sphere when the human brain turns sensible. Our air and water have nurtured trillions of souls before coming to us!

My Observation: No life had a simple path. Every being has a story and a rich past full of ups and downs in the universe. The spinning planets have undergone a long transformation phase to reach their current state. Those who let the universe shape and carve became diamonds. The longer the change and pain, the more splendid output we got. So, if you are facing pain, don’t worry. It’s the law of the universe; just wait to see the butterfly break out of the cocoon.

Shalini Samuel