Doppelganger – A TSL Prompt For NapoWriMo

Alone in the garden, she sits
From the blue pool behind the Areca palm tree
Arose a black smoke to engulf the cells of her brain
Ignorant of the impending danger
Eyes kept on reading the newspaper
While her hand was feeding coffee
To a stomach that was hungry
Just like her impish mind.
Soon she talks to someone
and gets an answer spontaneously
from the depths of her mind.
To its question, her inner voice responds.
She observes the conversation
who are they she wonders
and which is my thought, she ponders.
When one tries to bring out her past
the devilish days, her sin and her hurt
the other pacifies and argues for her
Who is her ally and who is the alien
the quest ends not and the conversation prolongs
An angel and a devil in conversation- she observes
Who is this doppelganger in her
Is she her soul or a paranormal entity
She puts her into a state of depression
From where she could never come out
The new voice dominates her own thoughts
Now she stops wondering and pondering
Aren’t all these going on in my mind, she asks.
When one advised her to love everyone
The other informed of those devious plans
Which could make her look bad
Between this rivalry, she was torn
And one day, her brain took charge
And became the judge, to choose the best.
The mind lay there in the corner of her imagination
As a tamed German Shepherd
Submissive yet mischievous.
Regaining her Self, she moves on
Not aware when her double would attack again
Until then let the smoke be dissolved in the cool blue pool.


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