Lend Thy Heart – A Poem On Spirituality & Surrender

Listen to my whispers
Oh my love
Listen to my naggings
oh my love
listen to my thoughts
oh, my love,
I wish and dream
You would just listen
listen not with ears,
but with heart
and not judge me
or get angry with me
but just listen
even the silent whispers of my dying heart

There would be a day
when I had made a sin
by grabbing that lonely fruit from the tree
which was there waiting
for a baby and mama crow.

There would be a day
when the wind on a rush
carries away my much-devoured rose
the only fragrant Damask rose
I would grieve, cry, and lament

There would be a day
when with pure love
I grab a puppy
from the littered corner of the street
to give him a happy home.

There would be a day
when the boss gets bossy
and coat me with his irate mind
I may come back with no job
Or with tears on my hanky.

There would be a day
when the dead fly floating
on my cup of cappuccino coffee
could make me a devil
that might even kick you out of my domicile

There would be a day
when nothing would be there
not even me, to share
to be crazy, to fight
to love, to admire you.

I wish and dream
you would listen, even then
maybe you wouldn’t respond
maybe you would smile
but never stop listening, dear God.

It’s only to you I share
the good and the bad
my joys and sorrows
it’s to you I surrender
just like the sunflower to the sun
There shouldn’t be a day
where the sun destroys the sunflower
but if there has to be such a day
I wish I would never be angry with you
but surrender with love!


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