Thank you, Blogger – A Genuine Gratitude Post


Victories and struggles of life may blind your eyes so that the steps of the ladder blur out. Looking back again, we should remember and be thankful for those who did help us to reach where we are now. They could have been our foe, friend, relative, pet, or book. Gratitude reminds you that you didn’t reach here all alone. You had people to support and motivate you. It says you have a responsibility ahead – to lift people who are there at the bottom of the journey. Be a lighthouse, worth enough to bring many stranded sailors safely to the shore.
I would like to thank this blogging platform, which helped me cultivate my hidden skill, writing. I was a playful blogger first, then I wrote paid reviews, then came poetry, and then it went on. A writer should keep on writing. Practice makes a man perfect. I hope with this new beginning, I will regularly post on this blog. And may no evil eye or any abracadabra spell not be cast upon this blog. 😀


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