Resilient Bow of Hope – Poem On TSL Prompt

Darkness remembers only shadows like she spots only spots of past

Her verdure sees only the autumn; Sunshine, an undiscovered galaxy- Aghast

Night sky pregnant with clouds begets not dawn akin to her life.

On her flight abroad- recalls hellish days of horrendous twenty-twenty;

Thunder hits her at a crossroads, legs query- aerodrome or sea? Quandary.

Penniless dreams afloat- unwell Phantom hallucinations invade and conquer.

Ripped apart inside a ripped soul, she inhales fear and exhales tears.

Her wobbly office catapults her away- with loads of loans- awful despair

Back to her hamlet, eight-thousand-mile recoil. Tight-lipped- dry cry.

Contracts cold in quarantine; monster respires aloud in her nightmare

Haunting petite encephalon, one after one- three musketeers dare to scare

Loans, job contracts, health; Black tea brews in the ceramic cup by the bedside.

Grim Reaper ends turbulence, says she twiddling her thumbs- Covid grows

Gentle giant exits after crunch munch; anxious agony amplifies Covid blues

Her destiny walks on a complex Snake and Ladder board- days pass.

Triumph a mirage, future blank until her onboard marble got a jackpot ride

Hopping every trouble in a single move lands on the starry side.

Another job, another world- life fattens like a wild Barrel Cactus on a desert.

Rainbow smiles at her oblivious window; Unaware, she watches the void

Light permeates dark smog; fetters fall like they had a dose of steroid.

Traumatic pain drains out not; her cheer drains- energy-sucker.

The Air hostess serves a rainbow cake while Sunja in Pachinko feeds grey matter.

Resilience intrigues a hazy mind; cake travels esophagus sans clatter.

She disregards the deluge and unfurls her wings as the metal bird lands.


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