My Nights – A Poem About A Writer’s Life

Part of the world rests 
To awaken the others 
Someone gives, and another gain 
It’s the invisible principle. 


When night invades my home 
My inner world awakens, 
The golden door to bliss. 
Diving deep, I unearth wisdom. 


I sit on a chair, sipping hot water. 
My pen moves over a white silk 
Engraving the discoveries, foolish 
fun, meaningful and absurd. 


And when the world around me blooms 
I go back to the mundane routine  
Smiling and acting like the ordinary 
Talk to me with the pen, and you will know better. 

All writers either prefer the night or early morning for writing. There are fewer distractions, and your mind is in full swing. The creative brain activates when everything around goes silent. It’s why many writers gave the best when they were suffering, as they shut off all external noise and focused on the inner mind. I wrote the poem just to post it on my blog. I didn’t make the reading challenging as I felt everyone should connect with it.

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Shalini Samuel


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