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Have you ever sensed the tranquil sigh,
When a poem’s birth makes your heart fly?
I’ve been graced by this sacred sensation,
A blessed gift of poetic creation.

And when a reader smiles with glee,
The joy within multiplies, carefree.
No wealth or laurels, no prize so grand,
Can match the bliss that these moments command.

As I open my laptop’s glowing door,
A hopeful wish: words will pour and soar.
And indeed, like a flowing stream, they glide,
Crafting tales and emotions far and wide.

The wind dances with curtains so light,
Is poetry’s beauty a wondrous sight?
From wounds that cut deep, life’s stinging strife,
I distill verses that breathe new life.

In Grandma’s embrace, so warm and tight,
In Mom’s gentle love and Dad’s guiding light,
The essence of poetry gracefully dwells,
In life’s simple moments, its magic swells.

This website’s birth, a humble quest,
Sharing words that within me nest.
Be it lines of jest or a masterpiece’s gleam,
Here, all my words find their esteemed stream.

If they touch your heart, comment, share,
Or suggestions, a gift beyond compare.
Constructive critiques, I welcome true,
To hone my craft, to ever renew.

From The Author: Whenever I write poetry, I feel happy. I wish, by God’s grace, my pen will be able to write until my last breath. Firstly, it gives peace of mind. Secondly, it’s the best therapy. Thirdly I feel it’s one of the highest forms of literature. We can convey complex thoughts in a few words to the readers through poetry. Drop your comments, and follow me on Facebook and other social media profiles. If possible, share the link. Please don’t copy as I have done a lot of hard work behind all my writing. Finally, my heartfelt thanks for your visit to my poetry website.



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