poem on crisis and world , social media, etc.
The poem depicts the overwhelming sense of worry, anxiety and fatigue people feel from the constant focus on an ongoing crisis in the news and social media. It conveys how this crisis is discussed nonstop worldwide, in many languages, uniting humanity in concern but also dividing people in their perspectives. The repetitive, endless conversation leaves people feeling overwhelmed and longing for respite from the frenzy.

Everyone’s got an opinion to share.

Connected online, yet worlds apart.

United in worry, but divided at heart.

Sipping coffee, stuck in meetings,

It’s all we can think or talk about.

The same old story, with a different name.

When will this constant chatter end?

Everywhere, east and west, north and south,

In a hundred languages, I hear it cried aloud.

With no solutions but just chatter

On repeat the whole day through,

This endless loop, nothing new.

Another day, more of the same.

A conversation with no end in sight.

The crisis continues, and the talks go on.

Just give us silence, a respite from the storm.