Conflicted Love: The Rain’s Duality

rain poem

The rain knocks on my door
I bolt the door tight
A roar knocks on my windows
I act deaf and keep watching cricket.

For years, I welcomed the rain
But today I am a bit angry.
Why did the rain kill many?
I felt guilty being on the wrong side.

Are you trying to scare me with a thunder?
I refuse to fall for your tricks
I never thought of hating you
You flooded the huts to kill many.

Like a child, I kept the feud growing
Though the petrichor mesmerized me
I kept acting – was I a bad human?
Is the rain a savior or a killer?

My mind knew I loved the rain
But hated it when people died
And the rain was blamed
I only wanted it to be the best always!

Shalini Samuel


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