Resolution List | The Author’s Thoughts About New Year

Prompt: What’s the 11th item on your bucket list?

The list that flows down from the sky
Rolls into the waves and flows endlessly
May the clouds paint my secret desires
First, I want to wake up before the sun
I could not even write it on my blue paper
The sun turns my dreams into vapor
Let’s wait until it comes back to my bucket.
What’s next? Maybe I want to read daily.
The list keeps expanding like my waist
And then plans for a diet at the tenth step
What shall be your 11th dream to fulfill
My mind asks, and my heart replies
It’s never about a dreamy boyfriend
Nor a favorite movie, food, or a dress
It’s always books, reading, and writing
It reads – 11. Blog daily
I go back to number one and read it again
Don’t I have anything else to do?
And I tear the paper and throw it into thin air.
For this year, let me dream of living life as it comes
No expectations, no plans, no pressure–let life flow
And here I am, happily witnessing a new life.
Shalini Samuel
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Shalini Samuel


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