The Loss- Poem About A Woman And Her Painful Fate

Born in a horrible world as a second girl child
To a mother who had trouble in her heart.
This little girl didnt even cry for milk
She never wanted to disturb others
Her young uncle was so kind
And loved her soft heart
Days go by with her mom turning blue often
The hope of the mother,  her trust on her child
Her love for this feeble child whose heart was full of love
Made wonders in this little heart
The mother knew her heart would die soon
She put in more strength and prepared her kids
And one day,  enjoying the dark evening
The little girl was walking with her extended family,
Out from nowhere,  a cobra crept in to bite her
Maybe her sweet heart,  or her charisma
What did it love? Everyone cried and the girl was calm
Born in a family practicing traditional medicine,
Everyone were shocked. Cries echoed to the sky
I have only one sister sayeth her elder sister
Oh my child,  crieth the father
The mother stood motionless
Many a things happened,  emotional and touching
And with little medicine back then,  her survival was a doubt
She escaped it after months of struggle
Thanks to the prayers of the family
God gave back that little angel to the family
Unfortunaley after few years the mother has to go to the heavens
With a smile,  she entrusts her kids to her beloved
With father taking the role of a mom and dad
The rains on the hills,  paid homage to the beautiful soul
White roses,  the love of the mothers heart- she became one.
The girl with more responsibilities and a sad heart grew up
With the care of butlers and servants,  she enjoyed mountain breeze
Books were her companion,  food became a ritual
And for days she ate nothing
This ignorant little girl had so much in her mind.
The pain of not having mothers love
The pain of meeting sympathetic and pitiful glances
Family cared,  but she was so lost in her own agony
To her,  dad was her king,  guard,  protector
He gave her so much love and support
He cared her utmost and gave the best education
She was growing and was flowering slowly
Puberty- when a girl needs a mother
A beautiful change every girl goes through
She knew not what it was
She hid it from  everyone thinking people will worry
And off went two months and she ended up in high fever
That’s when everyone knew she had got her menstrual cycle
Why did God give that little girl so much of pain?
Why did she have to have so much of trouble?
Whatever happened she was the kindest of all
She came forward to help,  even when she couldn’t
And treated everyone with respect and love
Shalini Samuel


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