Though life has been uncertain always, now it looks more doubtful. I would love to talk to Life one day face to face. Let me pen a short letter today. Please bear with my insanity!
Dear Life,
 Hope you are doing well after locking down the entire earth and killing some of our wonderful brethren. 
Are you going to allow me to breathe tomorrow? Are you going to scare me with more wars or disease? There is a lot I have to ask to you. Since you have no form and moreover I cannot attack you, I am staying quiet. Seriously I am damn irritated by your behaviour. Anyhow I also enjoy the thrill you bring in my life. You increase my curiosity to the extent that I am looking forward to learn some fortune telling skills. At the least I would opt to read all scriptures and find out what’s in store for the future. With the pain you inflict on me I cling to a mighty superpower hoping I could defeat you easily. But does that scare you? Or are you pushing me to move closer to God? I have no idea.
 Jokes(I meant that I did scold you for fun, don’t take it seriously pal) apart you have given me moments that I cherish for years. You have been kind, sweet and loving. I have never thanked you for the opportunities you gave me. Thank you so much and please be sweet in the coming days.
Shalini Samuel


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